About HomelandSecurityEDU.org

The security of the nation rests in the hands of homeland security professionals. Though their roles range considerably – from foreign bureau agents and homeland security detectives, to ciphers and electronic monitoring specialists – their goal is the same: defend the nation’s citizens, infrastructure and intellectual assets from domestic and international terrorist organizations. These and other homeland security professions are available to vetted individuals with the education and training necessary to receive security clearance for this vitally important work.

HomelandSecurityEDU.org was created as a resource for those looking to the future and aspiring to become homeland security professionals at the federal, state and local levels. This resource serves to educate those who are called to protect the American homeland through service in one of the many careers available in the area of homeland security. HomelandSecurityEDU.org provides free access to information on homeland security divisions within federal, state and municipal government, the careers found within these organizations, and the education necessary to qualify for these jobs.

The editorial staff at HomelandSecurityEDU.org has worked to provide a resource that is second to none. We encourage existing and would-be homeland security professionals to use this resource freely.