Homeland Security Degrees and Certification in Anchorage, Alaska

The safety and security of Anchorage, Alaska is vital to the safety and security of the entire United States. This fact was underscored in April 2012, when Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano visited Anchorage to discuss security concerns there. The U.S. Coast Guard Commandant and Secretary Napolitano met with leaders from the oil industry as well as tribal leaders to discuss effects on commerce and the environment as the environment in the area changes.

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Maritime commerce and maritime safety were both discussed as well. Homeland security jobs in Anchorage, Alaska could be at the governmental level or within one of the many privately held and native corporations found within the city. All of them share the same goal: to help keep Anchorage, Alaska and the rest of the United States safe from harm.

Anchorage, Alaska Homeland Security Education

Homeland security education in Anchorage is crucial to obtaining starting a career. Interested students should look for homeland security or related degree or certificate programs. In the Anchorage area and online, the following homeland security degree programs are available:

  • Associate of Arts in Homeland Security
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Homeland Security
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
  • MBA in Homeland Security
  • Master of Science in Management in Homeland Security
  • Master of Science in Legal Studies: Homeland Security

Anchorage’s Private Sector Homeland Security Employers

Although many people think of homeland security careers as working in government, many private agencies and companies work with these agencies and support many of the area’s homeland security jobs. In Anchorage, the following corporations do top secret work and employ personnel in homeland security jobs:

  • Omayacon, LLC – This privately held facilities and infrastructure corporation was started in 2008 and currently has one government client. Homeland security jobs in Anchorage at this company include engineer and intelligence analyst.
  • NANA Development Corporation/NANA Regional Corporation – Started in Anchorage in 1974, the development part of this company has nine governmental clients. Work done by this development company, and homeland security jobs there, include management consultants, air and satellite operations analysts, information technology analysts, and logistical analyst.
  • Chugach Alaska Corporation – This company currently has two governmental clients and was started in 1972. It is privately held and provides design and construction services to governmental agencies. Homeland security jobs here include environmental manager, application support manager and technical writer/editor.
  • Chenega  Started in Anchorage in 1974, this privately held Alaska Native Corporation has 17 government clients. Homeland security jobs at Chenega Corporation include linguist, financial analyst, systems administrator and management consultant.
  • Alutiig – Begun in Anchorage in 2002, this company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Afognak Native Corporation, an Alaska Native Corporation. With nine government clients, Alutiig is a Top 100 Department of Defense contractor. Homeland security jobs at Alutiig include business coordinator, safety and health officer, forestry operator and financial analyst.

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