Homeland Security Degrees and Certification in Michigan

Homeland security officials stay busy in Michigan, working on projects from nailing drug and human traffickers trying to circumvent border crossings to investigating organized crime and preventing the next terrorist attack. Homeland security jobs in Michigan are only available to the most qualified candidates who prove themselves through education, and previous job performance records.

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Officials working in the homeland security sector in Michigan were recently responsible for cracking a terrorist airline bombing plot as well as preventing a militia group from carrying out an armed revolt in the Great Lakes State.

Preparing for a Future in Homeland Security

Getting the right homeland security certification in Michigan is important for those who would like to pursue future careers in the sector. There are many positions in the field, each with their own prerequisites and minimum requirements. These often take the form of homeland security degrees in Michigan, which demonstrate a prospective agent has already made considerable efforts towards his or her career goal, and has gained additional knowledge or specialization in certain subject areas. Relevant areas of study for a homeland security degree in Michigan include:

  • Business Administration
  • Homeland Security
  • Criminal Justice
  • Human Services
  • Law Enforcement
  • Terrorism, Mediation, and Peace
  • Forensic Psychology and Criminal Investigation

From Government Insurrectionists to Terrorist Plots

Officials in the homeland security sector recently arrested nine members of a Christian militia, preempting their planned attack on law enforcement officials and the federal government. Details emerging about the militia’s plan include a plot to ignite a nationwide uprising of militias against the government by killing a police officer and then attacking other law enforcement officers at the funeral. Officials with homeland security jobs in Michigan must deal with religious extremists advocating violence from several denominations in the state. Members of the recent group arrested turned out to be heavily armed and had weapons that violated several regulations. Homeland security training in Michigan has recently been updated to include threats posed by Christian militias.

Those working in homeland security careers in Michigan will clearly remember Christmas of 2009 not because of the holiday cheer, but because that was the day a recently convicted terrorist attempted to blow up a Michigan-bound flight with a bomb hidden in his underwear, known to most as the underwear bomber. Luckily his bomb fizzled when he tried to set it off mid-flight and passengers were able to restrain him until the plane landed in Detroit, at which point homeland security officials arrested him. After an initial questioning, these officials began their investigation into the circumstances surrounding the attempted terrorist bombing, conducting analysis on the explosive compounds in the man’s underwear as well as interviewing flight officials and combing through airport surveillance footage, ultimately securing enough hard evidence for multiple life-sentence convictions.

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