Homeland Security Degrees and Certification in Mississippi

Mississippi homeland security officials were recently able to capture one of the country’s most notorious domestic terrorists, and send a clear message to illegal aliens and terrorists thinking about crossing the U.S. border clandestinely. These operations were all in a day’s work for those involved at various government levels and law enforcement agencies working in the Mississippi’s homeland security sector.

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Officials work daily with a mandate from their state’s citizens to serve and protect the safety and prosperity of Mississippi and America. Homeland security specialists involved in operations in Mississippi include:

  • Forensic Technicians
  • Biological Weapons Specialists
  • Detectives
  • Law Enforcement
  • Special Prosecutors
  • Intelligence Coordinators and Analysts
  • Surveillance
  • Undercover Officers
  • Translators
  • Law Enforcement
  • Business and Records Analysts

Preparing for the Future with the Homeland Security Certification in Mississippi

Anyone interested in a career in the sector should be aware of the minimum required homeland security credentials for their desired field. Homeland security degree requirements can range from two year associate’s degrees to graduate certificates and even PhDs. Some typical homeland security degrees available in Mississippi include:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Criminal Justice
  • Homeland Security – Leadership ad Policy
  • Forensics
  • Emergency Management
  • Business Administration

Mass Raid of Suspected Illegals and Biological Threat Squelched

Mississippi officials working in the homeland security field recently detained about 600 suspected illegal aliens during a factory raid in Laurel. The fact that this many people are suspected by homeland security officials to have been illegally working in a Mississippi factory raises several important questions in the minds of investigators, chief among which is, if these people could circumnavigate the U.S. border or overstay their legal allotment of time in the country, what is to stop a future terrorist from doing the same. During the operation agencies had a chance to perfect their integrated command techniques rehearsed during homeland security training in Mississippi in previous exercises. A number of specialists participated in key roles during the raid.

In an even more recent homeland security case out of Mississippi, a Tupelo man was arrested and charged with the use and possession of a biological weapon. This comes in light of the recent letters mailed to the president and members of congress containing the deadly biological toxin ricin. The arrest came after law enforcement authorities working in the homeland security sector were able to meticulously piece together clues about the suspect, his background, and potential motivations. Ricin, a naturally occurring highly toxic substance, was historically developed by the United States, Canada, and the Soviet Union for use as a biological weapon, and because its relatively one of the easy cultivation, groups such as al Qaeda are known to be experimenting with the toxin. In this case, those entrusted with homeland security careers in Mississippi were able to foil the domestic terror plot before anyone was killed.

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