Homeland Security Degrees and Certification in Montana

According to the U.S. government the state of Montana has no urban areas considered to be high-density, high-threat areas in terms of homeland security. However, in response to the events of 9/11/2001, Montana’s Homeland Security Task Force was created to defend against potential threats that may emerge.

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Homeland security jobs in Montana involve protecting the state’s residents and the nation as a whole from terrorist threats. Thirty-nine organizations throughout Montana help in these efforts. These organizations range from law enforcement to counterterrorism organizations to intelligence agencies to emergency management groups. The right education in homeland security may help interested Montanans to secure homeland security jobs in Montana.

Homeland Security Degrees and Certification in Montana

Those interested in homeland security education in Montana may obtain a degree or certificate, depending upon the specific college or university’s policies. Some schools require that students first obtain a bachelor’s degree (usually in any discipline) before pursuing studies in homeland security. Others require that students either be in a graduate degree program or have completed some hours of graduate education prior to enrolling in a homeland security degree or certification program in Montana.

Typical courses found in homeland security education in Montana include the following topics:

  • Risk management and/or insurance
  • Financing terrorism investigations
  • Organization and administration in homeland security
  • Advanced geographic information systems
  • Hazardous materials awareness

Montana’s Homeland Security Organizations and Task Forces

Those with the right homeland security education and/or degree/certification find that career opportunities in Montana are almost limitless. Federal, state and local government agencies may offer homeland security jobs in Montana, and others may find private industry opportunities. Some examples of employers who might provide homeland security career opportunities in Montana include:

  • Emergency management
    • Montana Division of Disaster and Emergency Services
  • Law enforcement
    • Montana Department of Justice
    • FBI – Salt Lake City Field Office – with resident agencies in
      • Missoula
      • Kalispell
      • Helena
      • Havre
      • Great Falls
      • Glasgow
      • Browning
      • Bozeman
      • Billings
    • Homeland Security Air Wing – Great Falls
    • Border Patrol- Whitefish Station
  • Homeland security
    • Montana Homeland Security Task Force
  • Fusion
    • Montana All Threat Intelligence Center (MATIC)
  • Intelligence
    • Montana Department of Corrections Security Threat Group Task Force
    • Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC)
    • Rocky Mountain Information Network (RMIN)
    • FBI Salt Lake City Field Intelligence Group
  • Counterterrorism
    • Helena Joint Terrorism Task Force annex of the FBI’s Salt Lake City field office
    • Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council in Billings
    • Inland Northwest Regional Terrorism Task Force
  • Armed forces
    • 83rd Civil Support Team (National Guard), Fort Harrison
    • Montana Air National Guard, Fort Harrison
    • Montana Army National Guard, Fort Harrison
    • Montana Department of Military Affairs, Fort Harrison
    • Great Falls Aviation Operations (Customs), Great Falls
    • Great Falls Air and Marine Branch (Customs), Great Falls
  • Private sector
    • VMD-MT Security, LLC

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