Homeland Security Degrees and Certification in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The tragic events of 1995 in Oklahoma City left the citizens of the state determined to prevent further terrorist attacks from being perpetrated in the state.  The Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security specifically functions to coordinate between agencies in the event of a terrorist attack in the state.

Oklahoma City is one of the country’s metropolitan areas that has been designated a high-threat, high-density target for terrorist attacks.  The city is home to a considerable number of homeland security professionals because it is the site of a large number of agencies that coordinate to prevent and respond to a variety of homeland security threats, ranging from terrorism to natural disasters.

Homeland Security Degrees, Training and Certification in Oklahoma City

Residents of Oklahoma City who seek homeland security degrees have a variety of online options. A common degree among first responders is the Bachelor of Technology in Emergency Responder Administration.  This program is geared towards training first responders to be leaders in the event disaster strikes.  Some of the required courses include the following:

  • Multi-agency Responses to Emergency/Critical Situations
  • Strategic Planning and Analysis in Public Safety Agencies
  • Tactical Emergency Management

Oklahoma’s rigorous efforts to prevent terrorism include providing advanced training to homeland security professionals.  The state established the Law Enforcement Terrorism Certification Program (LETCP) to increase the level of knowledge of homeland security specialists.

In addition, this program is geared to attract and retain individuals who are highly qualified to respond to major events of terrorism or the natural disasters that will undoubtedly strike the area at some point in time.

Homeland Security Careers in Oklahoma City

In addition to jobs in the private sector, there are a number of homeland security career options in Oklahoma City given the large number of local, state, and federal agencies that provide homeland security services out of the city.  Some of these agencies include:

  • Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security.  This agency employs high level homeland security specialists who disseminate funding for equipment, technical assistance, and arrange the delivery of homeland security training by the federal government.
  • The Secret Service.  Two task forces for Oklahoma operate out of Oklahoma City—one on electronic crimes and one on financial crimes.  This federal agency employs cyphers, cryptologists, and information security analysts to hunt down the criminals that threaten the country’s financial systems.
  • Oklahoma Information Fusion Center.  This organization brings together intelligence analysts that specialize in monitoring potential terrorists and preventing them from acting.
  • Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council for the Western District of Oklahoma.  The U.S. Attorney’s Office directs this council, which employs homeland security specialists to prevent and disrupt terrorist plots.

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