Department of Homeland Security to Call upon Small Business Contractors for Cyber Security Services

Cyber security, no doubt on the minds of Americans and certainly a priority for the Department of Homeland Security, is now going to be handled by government contractors who will execute cyber security services to the Department and many other massive, federal civilian agencies.

U.S. Federal Contractor Registration (USFCR) has begun registering businesses who want to be eligible to receive government contracts and begin bidding on available solicitations for cyber security services.

With the Department overseeing the process, government contractors will begin a massive sweep to discover risks within their own network. It is expected that the cyber security government contract will have a price tag of about $6 billion. As such, small businesses in the IT and technical security systems fields are being encouraged to seek out cyber security contracts issued by the Department. The USFCR will provide assistance to those businesses that want to become registered and are searching for federal buyers.

John Streufert, the Director of the National Cyber Security Division with the Department of Homeland Security, is encouraging small businesses to get registered with the USFCR so comprehensive, continuous scans across all computer networks can begin to take place. Those without proper registration will not be able to bid on the cyber security contracts.

Government contractors must complete their registration, obtain a DUNA number, and develop government marketing plans, which include creating a government profile on government websites, to be eligible for contracts. During the registration process, the USFCR will evaluate the government contractor and review its registration to ensure it is complete, thereby helping them win government contracts.

The cyber security program is expected to create a wealth of opportunities for IT specialists and technical security services businesses across the country, as this Department of Homeland Security project is projected to take five years to complete.