Homeland Security To Announce 2014 DHS Awards Finalists and Winners

Most people are probably unaware that the United States Department of Homeland Security has an awards program that recognizes the top performers within the Department stationed both domestically and overseas. But the Homeland Security Awards are indeed a real event and the 2014 awards winners and finalists will be posted on the Government Security News website on November 19th as well as in the Seaport, Rail, and Border Security weekly newsletters. This is only the fifth year for the awards but the previous awards events were a tremendous success within the department.

After the awards announcements are posted, the department will publish a limited edition commemorative volume of the event called the Digital Yearbook of Homeland Security Awards Recipients. Like the 2013 edition, this volume will feature the entries of Winners and Finalists who are interested in participating as well as insights and commentaries about the mission and work of the US Homeland Security by the three judges who will be naming the award winners:

  • Scott Greiper, co-founder of the consulting firm Secure Strategy Group which specializes in locating exemplary corporations and technologies involved in homeland security
  • Denise Rucker Krepp, the Attorney/Advisor to the Transportation Security Administration
  • Chuck Brooks, the founder and primary overseer of two major Homeland Security discussion platforms on LinkedIn

The 2014 Homeland Security Awards Program was developed in 2009 and is aimed at recognizing and rewarding outstanding achievements in three specific areas of the Department:

  • Outstanding Vendors of Physical Security Products and Solutions
  • Outstanding Vendors of IT Security Products and Solutions
  • Most Notable Programs, Projects, and Initiatives of Federal, State, County, and Municipal Government Agencies

The digital yearbook will be emailed to more than 40,000 readers in the Government Security News email database.