Homeland Security Degrees and Certification in Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham, Alabama is not immune from terrorist activities. The FBI and other area law enforcement agencies created the North Alabama Joint Terrorism Task Force in 2002 and a Field Intelligence Group in 2003 to prevent and target terrorism and other homeland security threats in the Birmingham area. Their effectiveness was proven in 2004 when a domestic terrorist attack was prevented when two men in Birmingham were arrested for allegedly planning an attack on a Birmingham health care clinic. Homeland security jobs in Birmingham are essential in protecting the city’s citizens and in preventing these types of attacks. Careers in homeland security in Birmingham comprise a large part of the area’s law enforcement community.

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Homeland Security Education in Birmingham, Alabama

Obtaining a homeland security job in Birmingham, Alabama is only possible if one receives the right education. Most careers in homeland security in Birmingham start with obtaining a degree (which could be undergraduate or graduate, depending upon one’s prior education) or certification in homeland security or a closely related field. Homeland security educational programs that are available in the Birmingham area, either in-person or online, include:

  • Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with a Concentration in Homeland Security
  • Master of Public Administration with a Concentration in National Security Affairs
  • Master of Science in Legal Studies with a Concentration in Homeland Security

Birmingham’s HS Employers in the Private and Public Sector

Homeland security jobs in Birmingham, Alabama need not be at the federal level only. State and local governmental agencies work in keeping Birmingham safe from domestic and international threats. Private and public companies also work hand-in-hand with the Department of Homeland Security and other governmental agencies to protect the citizens of Birmingham. Possible homeland security employers in Birmingham include:

  • AllStates Technical Services, A KBR Company – a publicly traded staffing and personnel company founded in 2001 in Birmingham that currently has two government clients. Homeland security jobs in Birmingham in this company could include Information Technology Specialist, Intelligence Analyst and Computer Forensic Specialist
  • ITAC Solutions – established in Birmingham in 2000, this privately held personnel and staffing company currently has one government client. Homeland security jobs in Birmingham within ITAC Solutions could include Systems Administrator, Mobile Developer and Document Reviewer
  • U.S. Secret Service Birmingham Electronic Crimes Task Force – a division of the U.S. Secret Service in Birmingham that investigates crimes involving electronics. Possible homeland security jobs in this organization include Computer Forensic Specialist and Intelligence Analyst.
  • U.S. Immigrations and Customs in Birmingham – the ICE office in Birmingham investigates customs and immigration cases. Homeland security jobs here could include Electronic Monitoring Specialist and Intelligence Analyst
  • SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation) in Birmingham – a Fortune 500 company that contracts with governmental and other clients in the Birmingham area. Possible homeland security jobs in Birmingham with SAIC include Cyber Security Specialist and Cyber Security Engineer
  • FBI-Birmingham Division – the FBI’s division in Birmingham offers homeland security possibilities including Undercover Operations, Detectives and Wireless Communication Experts

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