Homeland Security Degrees and Certification in Connecticut

There are no typical homeland security careers in Connecticut. One day could be spent behind a computer sitting at a desk, and the next day could bring a flight to a foreign embassy for damage control or see an agent conducting an undercover operation against terror cells based in Bridgeport. Homeland security jobs in Connecticut come in many shapes and sizes, though they share the common goal of protecting the safety and order of the state as well as the country, whether it be by intercepting illegal technology shipments to Iran or foiling terrorist plots.

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Connecticut Attorneys Use Homeland Security Evidence in Terror, Smuggling Indictments

A terrorist suspect was recently arrested on charges of providing material support or resources knowing that they would be used in plans to kill Americans, based on a criminal complaint filed in Connecticut. Agents were able to establish enough evidence for charges after discovering classified American unit movement plans on a Jihadist group’s hard drive during a search of one of the member’s files. The Connecticut complaint charged that the terrorist suspect, who was a member of the U.S. Navy and stationed on the U.S.S. Benfold, provided the details to the Jihadist group and praised Osama bin Laden. This dangerous individual was taken out of commission thanks to the cooperation of five agencies working together to make Connecticut and the United States a safer country.

Because of inter-agency cooperation and homeland security training in Connecticut, a U.S. attorney in the Constitution State recently filed an indictment against two individuals and two of their affiliated companies in the U.A.E. on accusations relating to the export of satellite communications equipment, computer parts, and pressure sensors from a Connecticut company to Iran in violation of an export ban imposed against the country. Three governmental departments working to uphold Connecticut’s homeland security collaborated in the investigation and arrests, that potentially saved hundreds of lives.

Careers and Future Planning

Careers dealing with saving lives and being responsible for others are not your typical entry-level positions. Having the right homeland security degree in Connecticut is one of the ways to get a foot in the door for future promotions and career opportunities. And because of the variety of jobs in the field there are many options for appropriate homeland security degrees in Connecticut. All kinds of positions are intertwined in the homeland security field. A prime example is the growing importance of technology and computers. Nowadays most homeland security jobs in Connecticut involve – if they are not mostly dependent on – technology. Another changing aspect in the field is networking, with the advent of social media and inter-agency collaboration- the latter a reaction to the terrorist attacks which took place on 9/11.

Once those interested have decided what field they would like to go into, the proper homeland security certification in Connecticut can be pursued, commonly in the form of a degree of higher learning. These are varied and range from the following

  • AA in Criminal Justice or Business
  • BS in Law Enforcement, Justice Studies, or Human Services
  • BA in Homeland Security
  • MSc in Forensic Psychology and Criminal Investigation
  • MS in Homeland Security and Emergency Management