Homeland Security Degrees and Certification in Florida

Protecting Florida’s sovereign integrity is of paramount importance for those employed in the state’s homeland security sector. This essential task is accomplished through the cooperation of employees in multiple fields whose combined efforts strengthen public safety and supporting organized civil and commercial activity.

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Because of their wide variation, homeland security jobs in Florida can be matched to candidates with specific skills sets who have the right education and training. Two recent examples of busts in Florida’s homeland security sector involved a would-be terrorist and the dismantling of human trafficking rings.

Homeland Security Degrees in Florida

Homeland security careers in Florida are open to candidates who can meet the minimum requirements for vacant positions and who outperform and out-compete their competitors. Often times, having a leg up in the application process means having the right homeland security degree. These degrees are rarely position-specific, and many subject areas suffice because of the diversity of careers in the field.

Homeland security degrees available in Florida include the following:

  • AA in Business, Criminal Justice, and Homeland Security, and Law Enforcement
  • BA in Homeland Security
  • BS in Human Services, Justice Studies, Criminal Justice, and Law Enforcement
  • MS in Criminal Justice – Terrorism, Mediation, and Peace
  • MS in Homeland Security and Emergency Management
  • DBA in Homeland Security Leadership and Policy

Stopping Everything from Florida’s Modern-Day Slavery to Terrorist Attacks

Undercover agents working in the homeland security sector recently sold a Florida man disarmed explosives, a fake car bomb, and a disabled AK-47 and pistol during the culmination of a sting operation. An informant tipped off authorities to the would-be terrorist – who planned to go on a rampage in Tampa attacking businesses, a sheriff’s office, and nightclub – by notifying them that the man was looking for a place to buy al Qaeda flags.

Authorities working in the homeland security field recently announced the creation of a new task force based in Orange County to combat the growing problem of human trafficking. Victims who find themselves in a variety of bad situations, often stemming from a troubled home life, drug addiction, and problems related to immigration issues, are taken advantage of by criminal organizations who blackmail, coerce, or entrap them into becoming what officials describe as modern-day sex slaves. Working in cooperation with local social service providers through homeland security programs in Florida, authorities have stepped up their commitment to ridding the state’s central area of the vice by increasing their collaborative efforts and undercover operations.