Homeland Security Degrees and Certification in Tampa, Florida

Homeland security is a fairly new concept in many cities across the United States, but not in Tampa, Florida. Here, the Special Response Team of the Department of Homeland Security has been in existence for over 20 years. Working under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office in Tampa, Special Agents on the team assist local law enforcement in serving warrants on potentially dangerous suspects and in other unpredictable situations. Homeland security jobs in Tampa may be through the federal, state or local government, or within companies and private corporations that work with governmental organizations and agencies. All of these organizations have one goal in common – to protect the citizens of Tampa from terroristic and man-made threats.

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Fields of Study for Homeland Security Careers in Tampa, Florida

Before embarking upon a career in homeland security in Tampa, one must have the proper educational credentials. A major in homeland security is always a good fit for those seeking homeland security jobs after graduation. Other fields of study may also apply. In the Tampa area and online, the following major areas of study may lead to homeland security career opportunities:

  • Associate of Science in Criminal Justice
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
  • Master of Science in Homeland Security and Emergency Management
  • Master of Science in Legal Studies – Homeland Security
  • Graduate Certificate in Homeland Security

Homeland Security Jobs and Careers in Tampa, Florida

Opportunities for those just starting homeland security careers in Tampa, Florida are available at the government and private sector levels. Although many government organizations and agencies are housed in the Tampa area, private companies that work with these agencies also have offices there and may be hiring for homeland security jobs. Possible employers include:

  • Vykin Corporation, with eight government clients and specializing in counterintelligence, intelligence analysis, psychological operations and military operations. Possible homeland security job opportunities include Information Manager, Operations Analyst and Task Lead/Subject Matter Expert.
  • Venatore, an information technology and intelligence analysis firm in Tampa and also working on MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, with three government clients. Possible homeland security jobs here include Data Center System Administrator and Senior Technical Architect.
  • Special Applications Group, a management and training company in Tampa with one government client. Potential homeland security jobs here include Training Specialist and Management Consultant.
  • Advanced C4 Solutions, Inc., providing tactical, joint and strategic communications support to five government clients and countless others in the private sector. Potential homeland security job opportunities here are Enterprise Manager and Service Component Manager.
  • Archimedes Global, an operations company with five government clients. Possible homeland security jobs include Weapons Technical Intelligence Analyst and Forensics Specialist.
  • Calhoun International, an information management and technology consulting company with six government clients. Possible homeland security jobs include Intelligence Analyst, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Support, and Insurgent Network Analyst.

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