Homeland Security Degrees and Certification in Idaho

Officials working in the homeland security sector to protect Idaho and its vital interests are faced with difficult decisions every day. Agents, officers, and officials must calculate the most serious threats, most effective solutions, and the most pressing short- and long-term problems, all the while coming up with creative and innovative solutions to these dilemmas with a limit of allocated resources. However for unfortunate reasons it is almost certain there will be a continued support for the homeland security sector, as new threats are averted in our post-9/11 nation.

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Obtaining the Right Qualifications for Homeland Security Jobs in Idaho

Hunting down illegal aliens with felony records and conducting surveillance on terror suspects are two tasks that have their similarities and differences. Because of the range of criminal activities threatening the Gem State, organizations working in the homeland security field have adapted their personnel to face every plausibly conceivable challenge.

A commonly recognized method of obtaining applicable training is through academic programs that confer homeland security degrees in Idaho. This includes a wide range of higher education programs in the human sciences, applied sciences, administration, and technical skills fields. Some examples of an applicable homeland security degree in Idaho include:

  • BS in Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement
  • BS in Justice Studies
  • AA in Business
  • AA or BA in Homeland Security
  • MS in Criminal Justice – Terrorism, Mediation, and Peace
  • MS in Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Recent Action in the Idaho Homeland Security Sector

Recently an Idaho man was charged on four counts relating to the aiding and abetting of a designated foreign terrorist organization. A task force comprising federal, state, and local officials arrested the man in Boise at the conclusion to an operation that traced the suspect’s actions over a period of at least 10 months.

During this time law enforcement agencies recorded the subject as he provided instructional materials over the Internet on how to make bombs and improvised explosive devices. The man also allegedly provided money to a terrorist organization, and at one point possessed a hollow grenade as well as a fuse and other bomb-making components. Because of the dedicated men and women who devote themselves to homeland security careers in Idaho, countless terrorist attacks may have been averted as a result of this investigation and arrest.

Federal forces working in cooperation with local Idaho Falls law enforcement officials recently busted ten immigration fugitives with criminal records in an operation spanning four days. Officials made use of new investigative technology that compiles database information on suspects and forwards a complete and up-to-date blueprint to authorities. Homeland security training in Idaho adapts to advances in technology to ensure employees in the sector are using the most effective and efficient means to catch those who pose significant national security risks to the state and the country. To combat these security threats, homeland security jobs in Idaho are offered in a variety of important and essential fields.

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