Homeland Security Degrees and Certification in Lexington, Kentucky

The bulk of homeland security work done in the city of Lexington is done on the small-scale level. There are only two homeland security organizations located in the city, including the State of Kentucky Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management and the City of Lexington Homeland Security Department. These two agencies work under the supervision of the federal Department of Homeland Security and also work in partnership with local law enforcement agencies and community groups in order to curb homeland security issues- such as gangs, domestic and foreign terrorism, organized crime and drug rings, among many other crime problems in the Lexington metropolitan area.

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Homeland Security Jobs in Lexington

Despite there only being a few homeland security departments, organizations and agencies located in Lexington, there are still plenty of positions available to anyone looking to get into the homeland security sector of employment. Among the many types of homeland security jobs available in Lexington are the following:

  • Undercover operations team specialists
  • Surveillance team member
  • Detective
  • Intelligence analysts
  • Computer and Information Technology specialists
  • Crime Scene Investigators and forensic specialists
  • Communication technicians
  • Wireless technology experts

Homeland Security Degrees in Lexington

There are a variety of colleges, universities and community colleges located in the Lexington area, most of which offer a variety of homeland security degrees to choose from. In order to get any job in the homeland security sector, a prospective applicant is required to have a degree in a field that is closely related to homeland security in one way or another. Relevant homeland security degrees offered in Lexington include the following:

  • Associate’s of Arts in Business
  • Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice
  • Bachelor’s of Criminal Justice in Homeland Security
  • Bachelor’s of Criminal Justice in Homeland Security- Leadership and Policy
  • Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement
  • Master’s Degree in Homeland Security- Leadership and Executive Management
  • Master’s Degree in Homeland Security- Terrorism, Mediation and Peace
  • Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice- Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Homeland Security Training and Certification in Lexington

Certification and training are required components when applying for a homeland security position in Lexington, Kentucky. Certification is acquired via extensive training in concepts related to homeland security and criminal justice- from the basic tenets and philosophy of the profession, to the most complex facets, duties and responsibilities of homeland security professionals. Certification and training can be obtained in two major ways: academic and professional. Academic certification is done through attending classes at a school or training academy that specializes in homeland security. Types of academic certification include International and Domestic Terrorism, Homeland Security and Leadership Application in Homeland Security and Criminal Justice. Professional certification is acquired via homeland security departments, agencies and organizations. Types of professional certification include Certified National Threat Analyst, Certified in Emergency Preparedness and Anti-Sabotage Certified.

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