Homeland Security Degrees and Certification in Louisiana

Officials working in Louisiana’s homeland security field are ready to meet any challenge thrown their way. They are skilled individuals in many fields:

  • IT Technicians
  • Forensics Experts
  • Information Systems Coordinators
  • Surveillance Technicians
  • Undercover Investigators
  • Intelligence Analysts

From organized crime, international drug cartels, or acts of terrorism, Louisiana’s homeland security team has the training and knowledge to make any bad situation better and bring to justice the perpetrators of major crimes. After navigating departmental hiring, new agents will attend training courses where they will learn the essentials of their specialization.

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Preparing for Careers in Homeland Security

There are a variety of homeland security degree and certification options available in Louisiana that are open to the general public interested in the field. These include citizen training programs, first aid classes, and various homeland security degree programs available in Louisiana’s cities and parishes. Whether it be volunteering in a community task force or joining the ranks of an agency in the homeland security sector, citizens can and do make a difference in upholding the public safety and security in Louisiana.

Relevant homeland security degrees available in Louisiana include:

  • Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement, Leadership and Executive Management, Terrorism Mediation and Peace
  • Business Administration at the associate, bachelor, master, and doctorate levels
  • Homeland Security: AA, BA, Leadership and Policy, Policy and Coordination, Emergency Management
  • Forensic Psychology and Criminal Investigation

Homeland Security Ops in Louisiana

Officials working in Louisiana’s homeland security sector recently participated in the largest-ever bust of synthetic drugs in the country’s history. In the culmination of a seven-month investigation, officials executed 10 search warrants in Terrebonne Parish, seizing four vehicles, over half a million dollars in cash, a significant quantity of synthetic marijuana, and made 11 arrests. Currently investigators are looking into links between the synthetic drug trade and possible terrorist connections. The Louisiana operations were part of a simultaneous nationwide crackdown in 35 states that saw the arrest of 150 suspects. Homeland security training in Louisiana includes a large segment devoted to conducting coordinated raid operations.

Homeland security jobs in Louisiana also involve protecting the state from terrorist plots. A recent scheme uncovered by investigators revealed video footage of buildings and transportation infrastructure being found in the possession of a suspicious man arrested by an observant local police officer. Upon reviewing the man’s tape-recorded material other buildings, financial centers, and public transit systems were discovered to have been cased for a possible terrorist attack. Investigators working in the homeland security sector determined the video footage was not the type a tourist or sightseer would take. Candidates for homeland security careers in Louisiana must be able to think quickly and make calculated decisions before disaster strikes.

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