Homeland Security Degrees and Certification in Nebraska

According to the U.S. Justice Department, there have been no terrorism convictions in Nebraska from September 11, 2001 to 2010. Despite this fact, homeland security education and jobs are available across the state. These jobs help to protect the citizens of Nebraska and the United States as a whole from terrorism, criminal activity, and many other threats to national security. Homeland security operations in Nebraska are designed to detect, protect against, prevent, and correctly respond to homeland security threats and/or emergencies across the state.

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Nebraska’s Homeland Security Planning Project has coordinated many useful resources for residents and those interested in homeland security education and jobs. Some of these include:

  • Common Channel-allows radio coverage across the state for mutual aid in times of emergencies
  • Paraclete-information technology that allows emergency responders across the state to communicate over a variety of radio systems in the event of a homeland security emergency
  • Nebraska Regional Interoperability Network –connects Public Safety Answering Points across the state to facilitate communication in an emergency
  • Nebraska Statewide Radio System – created a statewide wireless communication system

Homeland Security Degrees and Certification in Nebraska

Colleges and universities both online and in the state of Nebraska may offer homeland security undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees or certification for those who wish to seek homeland security jobs in the state.

Concentrations may be available in areas including intelligence and information technology Coursework that is common to most homeland security education programs in Nebraska includes:

  • Counter-terrorism
  • Cybersecurity
  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Emergency preparedness

Homeland Security Careers in Nebraska

Obtaining a degree or certification in homeland security can lead Nebraskans to a lucrative career within the state. Many agencies, both at the governmental and private sector levels, may offer jobs to those with homeland security training. Some examples include:

  • U.S. Strategic Command – nuclear command center of the country, has its headquarters in Omaha
  • Aureus Group – provides staffing and personnel services for top-secret work, office in Omaha
  • Sterling Computers – provides information technology services for homeland security work and government agencies, office in Norfolk
  • McCallie Associates, Inc. – provides intelligence analysis and other security work for government and other homeland security agencies, office in Bellevue
  • QA Technologies- nuclear, information technology and air operations services, office in Omaha
  • Kiewit Corporation – facilities and infrastructure, office in Omaha
  • Ferris & Associates, LLC – personnel/staffing services for top secret work, office in Papillion
  • CSSS.NET-mission solutions, office in Bellevue
  • 21st Century Systems, Inc. – intelligence and operations providers, office in Omaha
  • HDR, Inc.-facilities and infrastructure, office in Omaha
  • Software Engineering Services – operations, information technology – offices in Omaha and Bellevue
  • Nebraska Joint Terrorism Task Force-Omaha
  • Anti Terrorism Advisory Council of the U.S. Attorney – Omaha
  • Mid-States Organized Crime Information Center
  • Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center
  • FBI Field Intelligence Group-Omaha
  • Nebraska Fusion Center/Information Analysis Center-Omaha
  • Nebraska State Homeland Security-Omaha
  • Nebraska State Patrol-Omaha
  • Nebraska Crime Commission’s Statistical Analysis Center
  • FBI field office in Omaha, satellite offices in North Platte, Lincoln and Grand Isle
  • Nebraska Emergency Management Agency-Lincoln

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