Homeland Security Degrees and Certification in North Carolina

North Carolina has seen as increase in the terrorism threat potential in recent years, making homeland security jobs in the area vital to the safety of the state and the country. In particular, the city of Charlotte has been identified as one of the urban areas in the U.S. with the highest terrorist threat potential.

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Homeland Security Degrees and Training in North Carolina

In North Carolina, accredited colleges and universities in state and online offer educational programs and homeland security training. Specialized homeland security programs in North Carolina are available through schools that confer undergraduate degrees, as well as graduate degrees and certificates. The following are among the homeland security degrees available at North Carolina schools:

  • Associate’s degree in Emergency Preparedness
  • Certificate with Emergency Management concentration
  • Bachelor’s degree in Intelligence and National Security studies
  • Graduate certificate in Security Studies
  • Undergraduate certificate in Security Studies

Homeland Security Jobs in North Carolina

As of 2009, there are 24 private corporations located across North Carolina that contract with the U.S. government and others to perform top-secret, anti-terrorism work. These corporations may offer homeland security jobs related to everything from tactical operations to computer forensics:

  • SAS Institute in Cary – one of the world’s largest software companies performs top-secret work in information technology and intelligence analysis. Possible homeland security jobs at this company include intelligence analyst, internet detective and information technology analyst.
  • World Wide Language Resources, Inc. in Fayetteville – a language services company that contracts with two government organizations to provide linguistic and translation services. Homeland security careers at this company could include linguist, translator, interpreter and intelligence analyst.
  • Xe Services LLC in Moyock – formerly known as Blackwater, this company’s services include law enforcement training, building and personal security. Homeland security jobs that may be available here include security analyst, security consultant and precision ground locator operator.
  • Akima Corporation in Charlotte – this company’s focuses are information technology and disaster preparedness. Homeland security careers at Akima could include information technology analyst, systems specialist, forensic research technician and network engineer.
  • CC Intelligent Solutions in Raleigh – with three government clients, this company’s work includes information technology, specialized military operations, weapons technology and ground force operations. Potential homeland security jobs at this corporation include electronic monitoring specialist, intelligence analyst and surveillance team member.
  • InovaTech Government Solutions in Fayetteville – this company’s work for its three government clients and other private clients includes naval operations, specialized military operations and information technology. Possible homeland security careers within this company include Internet detective, intelligence analyst, undercover operations and operations analyst.

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