Homeland Security Degrees and Certification in Raleigh,
North Carolina

Protecting the citizens of Raleigh from a terrorist attack and major organized or violent crime is the prime function of those entrusted with homeland security careers in Raleigh. This is accomplished through several strategic avenues including:

  • Use of the most recent technological advancements
  • Joint homeland security training exercises, partnerships and live operations
  • Community involvement and human intelligence assets
  • Analysis of evidence obtained in the field
  • Promotion of a professional work ethic and atmosphere

Each day homeland security personnel demonstrate their capabilities as they interdict major drug shipments, take violent criminals off the streets, disrupt organized crime and provide their employees with the best support possible. Agencies involved in Raleigh homeland security include:

  • Raleigh Police Department Special Operations Division
  • Wake County Sheriff’s Office Special Operations Division
  • North Carolina State Highway Patrol
  • State Bureau of Investigation
  • FBI’s Raleigh Field Office
  • U.S. Marshals Service’s Eastern District of North Carolina

Recent Counter-Terrorism Op in Raleigh

Over three years homeland security detectives tracked seven Raleigh and Cary men who were stockpiling military-style weapons and preparing for a suicide attack. Authorities finally raided their houses and apartments and arrested each suspect on charges of conspiring to maim, murder, kidnap and injure people abroad as well as providing support to terrorists. Agencies from the municipal police department to federal terrorism experts participated in the operation that involved surveillance specialists, undercover detectives and other human intelligence assets.

As the case developed after the trial of the seven men, one was discovered to be plotting to murder witnesses who had testified against him. Details emerged of the scheme after an undercover FBI informant posed as an assassin and accepted $5,000 for the targeted hit – which was supposed to have involved the decapitation of three witnesses – from the jailed suspect’s brother and a friend. In his original trial, the suspect was found guilty of planning to attack targets abroad and at the Marine base in Quantico. The fact that homeland security forces continued their investigation of a convicted terrorist while he was in jail is a testament to their thoroughness and reliability in protecting the residents of Raleigh.

Getting Qualified for Homeland Security Careers in Raleigh

Potential officers, agents and specialists interested in joining the distinguished ranks of Raleigh law enforcement and investigation professionals should be aware of some basic requirements for most homeland security jobs in the field. Candidates must:

  • Be able to obtain a security clearance
  • Pass a thorough background and criminal record investigation
  • Be able to work well as a team player
  • Relevant experience and/or education will be weighted favorably

Having an Associate or Bachelor Degree in Homeland Security can provide candidates with a broad range of options when exploring potential career trajectories, and there are several Raleigh area colleges and universities offering these programs. Specialists are also sought from education backgrounds in:

  • Engineering
  • Linguistics
  • Psychology
  • IT
  • Forensics

Candidates may also be interested in pursuing a homeland security certification course in Raleigh. These offer shorter programs for a range of homeland security specializations and are available through a number of agencies including:

  • North Carolina Department of Public Health offering certification courses for:
    • Strategic National Stockpile Logistics
    • Public Health Surveillance and Epidemiological Investigation
    • Disaster Epidemiology
  • North Carolina Department of Public Safety connects students to a program for Certification in Community Preparedness and Disaster Management
  • Federal certification programs are available at sites across the country and through online training modules that provide courses in:
    • Fundamentals of Homeland Security
    • Homeland Security Technology
    • Vulnerability and Risk Assessment
    • Domestic Terrorism

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