Homeland Security Degrees and Certification in North Dakota

Although no terroristic threats have been made in or against the state of North Dakota since September 11, 2001, important work is being done in that state to safeguard the security of the United States:

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  • Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has started flying Predator reconnaissance drones from the air force base in Grand Forks to the Canadian border.
  • A total of 33 organizations, including governmental, private sector and non-profit entities, perform counterterrorism and homeland security work in North Dakota. Seven of these organizations were started after September 11, 2001.

Homeland Security Degrees and Training in North Dakota

A number of schools located within North Dakota’s borders and online offer educational programs in homeland security. Common certificates and degrees sought by North Dakota residents interested in homeland security training programs include:

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Homeland Security and Public Safety
  • Master of Science in Homeland Security
  • Homeland Security certificate
  • Master of Arts in Emergency Management and Criminal Justice
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Emergency Management
  • Doctoral Degree in Emergency Management

Homeland Security Careers in North Dakota

In addition to private sector companies offering possibilities for homeland security careers in North Dakota, military and government organizations also provide great opportunities for those with training in homeland security. These include:

  • The FBI, which has satellite offices in Minot, Grand Forks, Bismarck and Fargo. Homeland security jobs in North Dakota that may be pursued here include computer forensics specialist, linguist, intelligence analyst, Internet detective, and FBI agent
  • The North Dakota Division of Homeland Security in Bismarck makes sure that law enforcement agencies across the state are properly trained in emergency management and disaster preparedness and response. This organization is also responsible for preparing and obtaining federal grants for emergency management and homeland security in North Dakota. Careers in homeland security that may be available within this organization include disaster educator, training program developer, federal grant writer and liaison.
  • The Intelligence Communications Enterprise for Information Sharing and Exchange (ICEFISHX) is a joint partnership involving the sharing of intelligence information among law enforcement professionals in North Dakota, Minnesota and South Dakota. Homeland security job opportunities that may be available as part of this organization include intelligence analyst, detective and Internet detective.
  • The North Dakota State and Local Intelligence Center (NDSLIC), which is also called the North Dakota Fusion Center, was established in 2003 as a part of the North Dakota Department of Emergency Service. NDSLIC is used today as a collaboration of the North Dakota Highway Patrol, the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation, the North Dakota National Guard and the North Dakota Homeland Security Program. This fusion center coordinates and disseminates intelligence to prevent terrorism in North Dakota. Homeland security jobs that may be available within this organization and its components include intelligence analyst and detective.

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