Homeland Security Degrees and Certification in Bismarck, North Dakota

Bismarck has a history of severe weather events and has critical facilities that could be targets for terrorist attacks, including the local airport, various federal buildings, and National Guard facilities.

Fortunately, terrorist attempts in the city so far have been limited. Homeland security specialists are concerned that this situation could change, however, so there are some 13 homeland security entities that are currently housed in Bismarck.

Homeland security jobs in Bismarck are available through local, state, and federal organizations, along with private companies.  The Burleigh County Office of Emergency Management is one such source of employment in the field.

North Dakota’s Homeland Security Program is based in Bismarck and is responsible for administering the National Incident Management System (NIMS) for the area. It also coordinates the Homeland Security Consortium School Weapons of Mass Destruction course for North Dakota.

Homeland Security Degrees and Training in Bismarck

A number of online schools offer homeland security degrees, and North Dakota is also home to campus-based schools that offer degrees ranging from bachelors to doctorates in fields related to emergency management and homeland security.  Common degrees in the field of homeland security include:

  • Master of
    • Science in Homeland Security
    • Arts in Emergency Management and Criminal Justice
    • Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security and Public Safety

Those with homeland security careers in Bismarck are encouraged to seek high-level training from the North Dakota Department of Emergency Services. In addition to classes offered throughout the state, a number are offered locally in Bismarck.

Rapid communication is essential in times of crises, and such skills are focused upon during this training, as are the skills for managing crisis response capabilities.  Homeland security experts can receive certification to provide this training.  The homeland security specialists in Bismarck are of great value to Burleigh County, since most of this county is rural and has only limited public resources.

Homeland Security Careers in Bismarck

Additional homeland security organizations that are located in Bismarck include the

  • North Dakota State and Local Intelligence Center.  The NDSLIC functions as a fusion center, employing information security analysts who share knowledge about threats from the federal government with state, tribal, local, and partners in the private sector.  They specialize in assisting homeland security partners and law enforcement agencies in the prevention and response to crime and terrorism.
  • North Dakota Department of Emergency Services.  This organization runs the gamut from providing homeland security services to specializing in disaster recovery and mitigation.
  • FBI.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation has a resident agency in Bismarck.  Some FBI agents specialize in investigating crimes that involve homeland security.  These jobs can range from being an internet detective and computer forensics specialist to an intelligence analyst.
  • North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation.  This organization contributes to homeland security in North Dakota by assisting law enforcement agencies with their criminal investigations.

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