Homeland Security Degrees and Certification in Portland, Oregon

Even the picturesque northwest city of Portland, Oregon, is not immune to terror activity. A May 2009 bombing that killed 30 people in Lahore, Pakistan, was linked to a naturalized citizen living in Portland, and a 2010 Portland car bomb plot, which involved a Somali-American student attempting to set off a car bomb during a Christmas tree lighting ceremony, was thwarted through an FBI sting operation.

According to the Justice Department, there have been 7 terrorism-related convictions from September 11, 2001, through March 2010. Further, Portland has been designated by the federal government (one of 64 urban metropolitan areas) as a “high threat, high-density” area” in terms of terrorist activity.

It is through the collaborative efforts of such professionals as transportation security agents, international correspondents, intelligence analysts, and undercover operations teams (just to name a few) that homeland security operations are successfully carried out every day in Portland.

Degree and Training Opportunities for Homeland Security Careers in Portland

Portland is home to a number of higher education institutions that offer degrees and certificates in homeland security. Just a few of the degree options in this field of study include:

  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with a Homeland Security emphasis
  • Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security
  • Master of Science in Homeland Security
  • Master of Science in Criminal Justice with a Homeland Security concentration

Core coursework in these programs may include:

  • Computer Crime
  • Industrial Security
  • Critical Infrastructure and Risk Analysis
  • Foundations of Public Safety Administration
  • Intelligence Analysis

Certification Opportunities in Homeland Security

The American Board for Certification in Homeland Security offers a variety of certification opportunities, including:

  • Certified in Disaster Preparedness, CDP-I
  • Certified in Homeland Security – Emergency Medical Responder
  • Certified Master Chaplain, CMC
  • Certified National Threat Analyst, CNTA
  • Intelligence Analyst Certified, IAC
  • Sensitive Security Information, Certified

Homeland Security Jobs in Portland, Oregon

Homeland security jobs in Portland may be found in any number of organizations and entities and throughout government and private business, including:

Portland Bureau of Emergency Management: The Portland Bureau of Emergency Management facilitates emergency preparedness and mitigation activities during times of natural or manmade disasters, including acts of terrorism.

Portland Fire and Rescue Hazardous Materials Team: Portland Fire and Rescue Hazardous Materials Team is Oregon’s largest fire and emergency services provider, providing a range of services, including fire prevention, public education, disaster mitigation, and response to fire, medical and emergency incidents. In addition to fire and rescue teams, the Portland Fire and Rescue Hazardous Materials Team includes a chemical and biological, radiological/nuclear and explosive response team and a specialized unit for hazardous materials.

FBI Portland Division Joint Terrorism Taskforce: The Portland Division’s Joint Terrorism Task Force focuses its efforts on international terrorism. FBI agents work alongside other local homeland security professionals, including the Oregon State Police, the Port of Portland Police Department, and the Washington County Sheriff’s Office to provide these services. Professionals here may range from international correspondents and detectives to computer forensic specialists and transportation security agents.

G4S Secure Solutions Oregon: G4S Secure Solutions, one of the largest security companies in the United States, has a Portland, Oregon, office. This company provides a wide range of security services. Professionals working here may include security officers, detainee officers, and undercover officers, just to name a few.

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