Homeland Security Degrees and Certification in Rhode Island

Despite its small size, Rhode Island is of critical importance to the nation’s security.  More than 100 companies in the defense industry, including Electric Boat and Raytheon, have a strong presence in the state. These companies employ over 16,000 residents or 4.5 percent of state workers and produces almost $1.75 billion in revenue for the state’s economy.  Rhode Island is also home to the U.S. Naval War College and Naval Undersea Warfare Center, as well as the Quonset Air Force Base, a strategically important facility for trans-Atlantic operations.

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Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency

The Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency (RIEMA) is responsible for maintaining optimal defense and readiness against terrorist attacks.  In addition to working with county and local agencies, RIEMA spearheads many of the counter-terrorism strategies for the state. A key component of these efforts is the Radiological Emergency Preparedness Program which safeguards the public from exposure to radioactive materials.  Although there are no nuclear facilities within the state, the Millstone Power Station and Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station are on the borders and present a radiological risk if breached.

Many of the most critical companies operating in Rhode Island are software development firms who provide applications for use in industries critical to homeland security like transportation, utilities, and public health.  RIEMA has devoted an entire unit to producing robust defenses against cyber-attacks.  RIEMA recently published its Cyber Disruption Annex that serves as a comprehensive strategy for state and local law enforcement, cyber security professionals and national security officials coordinating public and private computer security plans.

Training and Requirements for Homeland Security Professionals in Rhode Island

One of the most important private corporations providing homeland security jobs in Rhode Island is Science Applications International Corporation.  This Fortune 500 company offers a wide range of technological services to the health, engineering and cyber-security industries.  It recently posted the following minimum requirements for an Intelligence Research Analyst position in Newport, RI:

  • Possession of a bachelor’s degree or specialized military training
  • At least nine years of experience as an intelligence analyst
  • Top secret Department of Defense security clearance
  • Experience in design and execution of war games for the Department of Defense
  • Experience in training junior officers in war game design and implementation
  • Familiarity with Joint Operation Planning Process is preferred
  • Proficiency with common computer applications
  • Familiarity with JWICS, SIPRNET or NIPRNET research systems

Most of the colleges and universities in Rhode Island provide degree or certification programs in one of the following areas:

  • Homeland Security
  • Terrorism Studies
  • Criminal Justice
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Emergency Management

A variety of organizations offer certifications in the homeland security profession: