Homeland Security Degrees and Certification in Cheyenne, Wyoming

The homeland security operations in Cheyenne, Wyoming are designed, implemented and evaluated by the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security (OHS) with input and partnership from the Cheyenne/Laramie County Emergency Management Agency.  These organizations coordinate the anti-terrorism efforts of local agencies including fire, police and medical.  The OHS has implemented public information and training programs that raise awareness about potential terrorist or technological attacks like biological outbreaks or radiological contamination.

Some of the most important programs in the OHS are the Explosive Detection Canine unit and the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) unit.  The IED unit has utilized funds provided by federal authorities to help train bomb squads and equip them with the latest equipment including the Remotec F6-A Robot, which has a range of up to 1,500 feet. Canines in the unit are capable of detecting up to 12 different types of chemicals utilized in explosives.

Terrorist Related Arrests in Cheyenne

Although arrested in Idaho, Michael Curtis Reynolds was accused of attempting to detonate an explosive device at a Wyoming oil refinery.  Reynolds was caught making terrorist threats online with a judge masquerading as a jihadist.  When he was arrested, it was discovered that he had in his possession a hand grenade.  He made statements to the FBI admitting that he wanted to blow up pipelines throughout the U.S.  Reynolds was convicted of plotting to destroy energy utilities, possession of a hand grenade and soliciting terrorist aid on the internet.

Training and Requirements for Homeland Security Professionals in Cheyenne, Wyoming

Due to the presence of major military installations like F.E. Warren Air Force Base as well as major rail hubs, Cheyenne, Wyoming presents a wide variety of employment opportunities for homeland security professionals with expertise in transportation systems, information technology, public administration, business continuity planning and law enforcement.  Professionals with qualifications similar to the following should be able to secure a homeland security job in Cheyenne:

  • U.S. citizenship
  • Ability to pass an intensive background investigation
  • A bachelor’s degree with substantial course work in
    • Emergency management
    • Homeland security
    • Logistical management
    • Information technology
    • Public health
    • Business administration
  • Two or more years of full time experience in homeland security or emergency planning
  • Familiarity with National Incident Management System, Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program, and Incident Command System

Training for homeland security professionals in many law enforcement, fire or emergency medical agencies can be had through employer agencies or related schools.  Many of these professions require certification or licensing through a state board.

Homeland security professionals in Cheyenne may also obtain accreditation through one or more professional associations.  These include

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