Wyoming Homeland Security Salaries

The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides 2012 salary information for some key homeland security occupations in Wyoming.  The average salary for two of these professions is listed below, followed by the average wages for those in the top tenth percentile of these fields.

Homeland Security Jobs
Mean Salary
Explosives Workers
Supervisors of Protective Service Workers

Explosives workers in the northeastern nonmetropolitan area of Wyoming earned an average of $56,020 a year with the top earners garnering $70,620 annually.

The salaries of protective service workers supervisors were higher than average in the northwestern nonmetropolitan parts of the state.  They earned $54,950 on average while those in the top tenth percentile made an average of $72,700 a year.

The information shown in these tables was furnished by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and represents salary data for many of the different homeland security jobs one could find in Wyoming’s major cities.

Wyoming Ordnance Handling Expert Salaries

Area name
Annual mean wage
Northeastern Wyoming nonmetropolitan area

Wyoming Protective Service Workers Supervisor Salaries

Area name
Annual mean wage
Northwestern Wyoming nonmetropolitan area
Southwestern Wyoming nonmetropolitan area

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