Homeland Security Chairman Believes ISIL Attacks are Imminent

The conversation over what to do about the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria continues among la­­wmakers as the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, Sen. Ron Johnson, labels the Obama administration’s approach to the situation as “naïve.”

Sen. Johnson believes that airstrikes alone are not enough to contain the worldwide threat of ISIL saying that the terrorist group needs to be exterminated. He stressed the importance of the United States committing to the fight against ISIL because they continue ISIL continues to inspire young extremists to join their fight. “Every day that they are not overtly losing, they are perceived as winners,” he said.

Johnson recommends that a coalition be assembled by the United States, resembling the coalition of the 1990 Gulf War to remove Saddam Hussein from Kuwait. He says that the United States has to gain back lost territory, stating that the terrorists cannot exist without territory. After a recent briefing by Homeland Security, Johnson feels that the United States is alarmingly susceptible to an attack by ISIL.

ISIL released a propaganda video threatening retaliation against nations that are part of recent airstrikes against the group, with Washington at the center of the attacks.

Johnson believes the threat to the United States is real and imminent, citing the downed Russian airliner, the Beirut bombings and the Paris attacks. He described them as metastasizing and inspiring copycat attacks.

Though recent attacks have proved to be devastating, Johnson points out the lack of sophistication, stating that most of the materials and weapons being used are available on the open market. This is why American’s tend to believe that these attacks aren’t possible in the United States, but that is a delusion he says.

Johnson’s view is in stark contrast to the Obama administration which stated it has “the right strategy.”