Homeland Security Warning for UPS Drivers Deemed False

In December of 2012 an urban legend spread of the possibility of terrorists disguising themselves in UPS uniforms. A photo of a driver unloading packages spread across the internet warning the public to beware of who was delivering items during the 2012 holiday season. Fortunately it was a hoax, but it created panic nonetheless.

Once again, a similar hoax is hitting the internet with a fraudulent letter claiming to be a warning from the Department of Homeland Security. The letter states that a recent large purchase of UPS uniforms totaling $32,000 was made on Ebay. It urges the public to “Take this seriously,” and asks that the letter be forwarded to all.

The letter has been confirmed to be a fake though Facebook users have been quick to hit the share button and continue to spread the panic it was most certainly intended to do.

The rumor can be traced back as far as 2003, at that time supposedly coming from other agencies including the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the FBI. Now, 12 years later the fraudulent warning comes again, this time with claims it is from Homeland Security.

The recent events in Paris have stimulated fears of terrorist activities throughout the world, making the phony claims once again relevant in the world.

Even seasoned professionals have been fooled by the newest edition of the warning, including a sheriff from Alabama who also recently shared the letter on social media.

The letter adds suspicion by telling the public that all UPS drivers will be in a brown UPS van, however, a spokesman for UPS has confirmed that rental vehicles are sometimes used during the peak holiday season. It did confirm, however, that all drivers will be in a brown UPS uniform.

Homeland Security continues to warn vigilance but for now, this particular rumor has been confirmed as false.