Homeland Security Degrees and Certification in Colorado

The job of protecting the State of Colorado falls on the shoulders of many. Obvious positions like those that maintain public order and security come to mind, but there are also an even greater number of citizens working behind the scene conducting administrative tasks, making crucial decisions based on studies and analysis, as well as field experts, all ensuring their small yet critical part of the homeland security puzzle is in order. One obvious and significant portion of the homeland security field is the prevention of acts of terrorism and the apprehension of terrorists and other organized criminals.

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Homeland Security Degrees in Colorado

Getting a homeland security degree in Colorado is as easy as identifying what subject area one is interested in. Because of the wide variety of jobs in the field there are positions for everybody – from business managers to law enforcement officers.

Homeland security training in Colorado is unique to the job, but ultimately shares the same goal of preparing future agents, officers, and consultants to use the best known practices and methods in their fields to ensure Colorado does not fall victim to terrorist attacks or organized crime.

Homeland security certification in Colorado is obtainable through a number of training courses and degree programs. Having a degree or certificate increases a candidate’s odds of promotion and career advancement, and in many instances is a prerequisite for employment. Relevant homeland security degrees in Colorado include:

  • AA in Criminal Justice
  • AA in Homeland Security
  • BS in Human Services
  • BS in Law Enforcement
  • MS in Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Terrorism and Organized Crime in Colorado

In a recent operation involving 13 government law enforcement agencies at various federal, state, county, and city levels, 33 suspects were arrested across the state. Charges filed include those related to gang affiliation and drug trafficking. An operation such as this illuminates the important role of citizens with homeland security careers in Colorado. Organized crime in the state is also linked with weapons smuggling and human trafficking, two activities that can have dire consequences if wielded by terrorist factions.

A recent case involving homeland security officials dealt with an incident that could have provided terrorists with seemingly valid Colorado driver’s licenses. Several agencies at the federal, state, and local level recently arrested the owner of an Aurora driving school after a lengthy investigation revealed he was defrauding Colorado’s Department of Motor Vehicles by accepting bribes and falsely certifying written and driving tests, as well as issuing driving permits and licenses. This crime in itself puts anyone on the road at risk, but the danger to the public was still much greater: an organized group of criminals had been trafficking people from as far away as Missouri who had purchased stolen identity documents, and were using these to fraudulently gain Colorado driver’s licenses. As a result of the bust, law enforcement agencies disrupted untold potential threats to Colorado’s homeland security.