Homeland Security Degrees and Certification in Denver, Colorado

The Denver (Colorado) Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security is the chief government agency that leads and coordinates the fight against threats to the city’s, and its citizens’, security. One project recently completed by this Office was the replacement of the city’s old warning signal sirens, circa 1950, with a $1.6 million outdoor warning siren system. These sirens are used in the event of any threat to the city of Denver, including tornadoes and terrorist attacks.

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Homeland security jobs in Denver are important to the safety of the city and of the nation. Denver’s Homeland Security Office recently made news headlines when it partnered with the Federal Department of Homeland Security in targeting counterfeit shopping websites on the Internet. In an operation termed “Copycat,” homeland security agents in Denver were able to close down 22 fake websites out of the 70 total websites closed by the Department of Homeland Security. Denver International Airport was also one of the first airports in the nation to begin TSA Pre Check, a system in which airline passengers can receive expedited screening when boarding an airplane.

College Education in Denver for Homeland Security Careers

All homeland security jobs in Denver, Colorado require some type of education and training, likely to be at the college level. Depending upon a student’s prior education, degrees in homeland security and related fields are available at the undergraduate, graduate and certificate level. Examples of degree programs in the Denver area and online for those pursuing homeland security careers include:

  • Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice
  • Master of Public Administration in Homeland Security Policy and Coordination
  • Masters of Business Administration in Homeland Security
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice – Homeland Security

Denver Homeland Security Jobs

Denver offers homeland security job seekers a wealth of opportunities, both at the governmental and private industry levels. Possible employers of homeland security careers in Denver include:

  • Data Fusion Corporation, with three government clients, an information technology engineering and acquisition company. Homeland security jobs here may include GPS Specialist, Information Technology Consultant and Tracking Consultant
  • Global Technology Resources, Inc., with two government clients, an intelligence analysis and information technology company. Homeland security jobs here could include Program Manager, Intelligence Analyst and Network Engineer.
  • Qwest Communications International, Inc., with one government client, an information technology and technical intelligence company. Homeland security jobs here could carry titles such as Business Intelligence Analyst, Federal Engineer and Network Technician.
  • SigmaTek Consulting, LLC, a personnel and staffing company with one government client. Homeland security jobs here carry titles like Database Engineer and Technical Lead.
  • Vericept, an information technology/data loss prevention company with one government client. Homeland security jobs here could include Security Analyst, Security Threat Engineer and Technical Analyst.
  • Xedar, an intelligence analysis company with one government client. Homeland security jobs here hold titles like Intelligence Analyst and Information Technology Analyst.

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