Homeland Security Degrees and Certification in Delaware

Those working in the homeland security field share the primary goal of protecting public safety and ensuring everyone has the right to legally pursue their trade and leisure. The sector of homeland security careers in Delaware spans a wide range of positions from analysts to security screeners. Skilled and educated citizens make up the ranks of the First State’s first line of defense against foreign and domestic threats. Agents, officers, and other authorities recently disrupted two Delaware schemes involving millions of dollars of theft in cases that had potential national security implications.

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Preparing for Homeland Security Jobs in Delaware

Homeland security jobs in Delaware come in a wide variety. There are several people who support every field operative with services such as research, intelligence, and surveillance; with even more additional positions supporting these. Citizens who are interested in careers in the field should consider obtaining appropriate homeland security certification in Delaware. Various governmental, public, private, and non-profit agencies offer relevant certification programs. The particulars of this depend on the specific position, although obtaining a homeland security degree in Delaware can bolster a resume and is often times a minimum requirement.

There are many compatible homeland security degrees in Delaware that transfer over to jobs in the field. With a range that goes from an associate’s degree to a master’s or juris doctorate, having any form of certified education in a relevant field is beneficial. These include the subject areas of:

  • Homeland Security
  • Human Services
  • Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement
  • Leadership and Executive Management
  • Forensic Psychology and Criminal Investigation
  • Homeland Security Leadership and Policy
  • Business Administration

Officials Make Arrests in Terrorist-Related Delaware Investigations

As a result of an investigation and sting operation by officials working in the homeland security field, two Chinese nationals were recently sentenced in a Delaware court to 12 years in prison for their connection with a scheme that sold over $100 million of pirated American software to customers around the world while conspiring to launder money. Recent briefings and homeland security training in Delaware have alerted field operatives and investigators to the danger and economic damage posed by the theft of copyrighted and/or classified software, especially military and strategic information, as well as the increased profile of government-sponsored cyber crimes, such as hacking.

16 men were recently arrested on charges of smuggling cigarettes from Virginia to the New England area, including Delaware, to avoid the region’s higher tax rate. Initially this was thought to be a matter for tax officials to handle, but upon further scrutiny investigators uncovered links between the organized smuggling operation and proceeds being potentially raised for terrorist groups. The operation is estimated to have cost some states over $80 million in sales tax, and some of the 16 suspects had ties to Palestinian extremest cells. Groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas have used similar smuggling schemes in the past.