Homeland Security Degrees and Certification in Atlanta, Georgia

According to Atlanta, Georgia’s Mayor in 2002, Shirley Franklin, the Department of Homeland Security in that city was designed to implement and coordinate comprehensive plans to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from attacks or terroristic threats. Atlanta’s strategy, then and now, included detection, protection, preparedness, incident management, recovery, public health and bio terrorism. A variety of local organizations work together in homeland security jobs in Atlanta to accomplish this, including the Atlanta Police Department, hospitals, the Health Department, the Medical Examiner, first responders, and the Atlanta-Fulton County Emergency Management Agency. People who embark upon homeland security careers in Atlanta are continuing the efforts of these agencies and others in combating threats to the security of the city.

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Training for Homeland Security Jobs in Atlanta, Georgia

One must first receive the proper training before applying for any homeland security job in Atlanta, Georgia.  This usually involves obtaining a certificate or degree in homeland security or a related discipline. Such training programs in the Atlanta area and online include:

  • Associate of Arts: Criminal Justice
  • Bachelor of Science: Criminal Justice
  • Associate of Applied Business: Criminal Justice
  • Diploma: Criminal Justice
  • Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies: Criminal Justice
  • Master of Science in Legal Studies: Homeland Security

Homeland Security Job Sites in Atlanta, Georgia

Homeland security jobs in Atlanta are not only found within government-run agencies or organizations. They are also located within private and public corporations that do business with government agencies. In Atlanta, possible sites for homeland security jobs include:

  • Armedia, an information technology company started in 2002 that has one government client. Possible homeland security jobs include Developer and Document Architect.
  • BIAS Corporation, started in 2000 as an information/ground force operations company and has two government clients. Potential homeland security jobs here include Senior Project Manager and Hyperion Administrator.
  • Georgia Tech Applied Research Corporation, begun in 1998 to provide management services for the Georgia Tech Research Institute. It has four government clients and could offer homeland security jobs like Executive Director of Industry Management and Director of IT and Facilities.
  • Insight Global, an information technology staffing and personnel company founded in 2001 that has one government client. Homeland security jobs here could include Operation Risk Business Analyst and Network Engineer.
  • ISPA, Inc., started in 1983 and with four government clients. Specializes in information management and intelligence analysis. Homeland security jobs could include Intelligence Analyst and Information Technology Analyst.
  • MATRIX Resources, Inc., a staffing/personnel company founded in 1995 and with two government clients today. Homeland security jobs could include IT Manager and QA Analyst.
  • Spartan Resources, a personnel company started in 2004 and with one government client today. Homeland security jobs here include Information Technology Specialist.
  • TerraGo Technologies, an intelligence analysis company started in 2005 that has one government client. Homeland security jobs here include GeoSpatial Analyst.

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