Homeland Security Degrees and Certification in Iowa

Homeland security officials in Iowa must maintain a constant vigil against those who would try and circumvent border checks to cause harm to the country. This could be economic, social, or material harm, often in the form of drug cartels or groups with extremist viewpoints who advance their beliefs with violence. Qualified and concerned citizens who want to make a positive difference in their state hold homeland security jobs in Iowa.

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Planning for a Homeland Security Future

Having the right homeland security degree is key when applying for positions in the field. Candidates should take some time to familiarize themselves with the many careers in the homeland security field, including:

  • Field Operations
  • Intel Coordinators
  • Surveillance Teams
  • Special Response Units
  • Information Technology Specialists
  • Department of Hiring and Training
  • Administration
  • Security

For many positions, it is helpful – if not required – for applicants to have some form of homeland security degree. These can be as varied as the positions which require them, and range from a professional certification obtained after attending a few classes to bachelor’s degrees or even PhDs. Homeland security degrees in Iowa include programs such as:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Law Enforcement
  • Homeland Security
  • Legal Studies
  • Emergency Management
  • Business Administration
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Public Administration

Recent Homeland Security Ops in Iowa

Recently a Rock Rapids man was arrested after local law enforcement officials were tipped off to his upcoming plan to carry out a terrorist attack. Details of the plot included murdering law enforcement officials, blowing up a TV tower, and committing acts of arson against local businesses.

Homeland security officials working on a joint terrorism task force team connected the dots in their investigation, and agents seized numerous guns and computers from the suspect’s residence. Since the September 11th terrorist attacks, homeland security training in Iowa has sought to be more inclusive of government agencies at all levels, a collaboration that made this bust possible.

After every raid conducted by cooperating agencies in the homeland security field there is a debriefing session where participants analyze what went right and what went wrong. In this way homeland security officials can constantly evaluate and improve their tactics. And this is exactly what has happened since a 2008 raid in Postville, when authorities arrested 389 suspected illegal aliens. The Postville raid was conducted in a military style operation that saw agents in flak jackets repelling out of helicopters. Homeland security officials have since realized that it is much more effective to conduct smaller scale raids that are less expensive and also generate a more manageable number of detainees. Homeland security jobs in Iowa are constantly evolving to be as efficient as possible.

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