Homeland Security Degrees and Certification in Kansas

Citizens who have a commitment to their state and country hold homeland security jobs in Kansas. Whether it be stopping the next big terrorist attack or taking a street-level operative of an international drug syndicate out of action, each arrest and piece of evidence gathered has the potential to save lives. Officials working in the homeland security sector in Kansas must distinguish themselves during a selective application process and make it through their training courses, and all the while be able to meet a position’s minimum qualifications.

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Skilled homeland security professionals in Kansas work together in areas such as:

  • Surveillance
  • Intelligence analysis
  • Field operations
  • Special ops
  • Undercover investigations
  • Evidence technicians
  • Network consultants

Preparing for Careers in Homeland Security

Before completing their homeland security training in Kansas, potential agents, officers, and government officials must first make sure they qualify for the job that best suits them. Depending on an agent’s specialization, he or she will also have to make sure to get the right homeland security degree.

From associate’s degrees to graduate certificates, having the right homeland security background is key to getting a foot in the door. These include:

  • AA in Homeland Security or Business
  • BS in Law Enforcement or Justice Studies
  • BA in Homeland Security and Criminal Justice
  • MS in Criminal Justice – Terrorism, Mediation, and Peace
  • DBA in Homeland Security Leadership and Policy

Recent Homeland Security Missions in Kansas

Wichita has been the scene of at least one domestic terrorist plot to prevent abortions when a fanatic gunned down a women’s health doctor while he attended church in 2009. Not until 2013 did another clinic that provides abortion services open in the city, with doctors at this facility receiving death threats from groups such as the Army of God. Although abortion is a controversial issue, homeland security officials are committed to upholding the laws of Kansas and the country, and they are especially cautious when it comes to the subject of anti-abortion fringe groups, who have carried out shootings and bombings in the past.

Homeland security officials working in cooperation across the local, state, and federal levels, recently netted 22 transnational gang members in an operation that spanned several days. The final 13 suspects were arrested during the last day of the action on immigration violations. Four transnational gangs were represented among the perpetrators, who face charges ranging from drive-by shootings to burglary and assault. Officials involved in the operation praised the collaborative efforts made among law enforcement agencies that made the operations successful and possible. During homeland security certification in Kansas cadets receive training in collaboration and team work.

In another event, homeland security officials nabbed 16 immigration fugitives and criminal aliens over the course of a three-day operation targeting illegal aliens with a criminal background. Through a recent reorganization of priorities, homeland security officials have moved to focus their efforts on targeting those who present the greatest threat to the Sunflower State’s communities: violent criminal fugitives and aliens.

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