Homeland Security Degrees and Certification in Topeka, Kansas

In Topeka, there are three main homeland security organizations and agencies that work with the public in order to ensure the safety of the citizens in the area. While Topeka, or the state of Kansas as a whole, does not appear to be on the top of any terrorist target lists, there have been occasional domestic terrorism problems- including the shooting of an abortion doctor in 2009. There are also gang and organized crime problems tied to drug trafficking throughout the region- with one of the hubs being the metropolitan area of Topeka. Because of these activities, and many other types of crime pertinent to homeland security- the organizations in the area must form partnerships with local law enforcement agencies and citizen watchdog groups in order to curb such activity.

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Homeland Security Jobs in Topeka

The most prominent homeland security service providers and employers in Topeka are the State of Kansas Highway Patrol, the City of Topeka Homeland Security Department and Kansas State Homeland Security and Emergency Services Department- which has an office located in downtown Topeka.

The following are some of the homeland security jobs found in Topeka, Kansas:

  • Undercover operations team
  • Surveillance team
  • Intelligence analysts
  • Computer forensics and cryptology
  • International bureau agents
  • Information Technology and wireless technology specialists
  • Detectives
  • Evidence technicians
  • Network consultant specialists

Homeland Security Degrees, Training and Certification in Topeka

Homeland Security Degrees: In order to be considered for a homeland security position, an applicant must posses the highly technical and specialized skills needed to perform the basic duties and functions of the job. The skills can be obtained via education, training, certification and work experience. All homeland security positions have a basic set of requirements and qualifications that a person must meet, the most important of which is a college degree in a field closely related to homeland security. The following are some homeland security degrees offered in the Topeka area:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice- Homeland Security
  • Diploma in Criminal Justice Specialist
  • Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice
  • Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice- Terrorism, Mediation and Peace
  • Master’s of Public Administration- Homeland Security Policy and Coordination

Homeland Security Training and Certification: Other than a college degree, homeland security professionals are also required to complete training and receive certification in their specialized field. Training can be obtained through any of the homeland security organizations in Topeka and certification can be obtained through the organizations, through federal homeland security entities and through schooling as well.

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