Homeland Security Degrees and Certification in Baltimore, Maryland

The city of Baltimore is in very close proximity to the nation’s capitol of Washington D.C, which makes it a very important place in terms of homeland security. As such, Baltimore has one of the largest pools of homeland security jobs in the entire U.S.

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There have been numerous terrorist plots that have been thwarted due to the activities and investigations of homeland security professionals in the Baltimore area- these include the attempted bombing of a military base outside of Baltimore, the apprehension of a person providing sensitive information to a known international terrorist organization and the foiling of an attempted bombing of the Pentagon in Washington D.C., among many other lower level plots. Other than terrorism, Baltimore homeland security organizations and agencies also work with local law enforcement in order to curb gang violence, which is a big problem in Baltimore, where gun-related crimes are at some of the highest levels in the entire country.

Homeland Security Careers in Baltimore

Because Baltimore is one of the largest providers of homeland security jobs in the United States, it is a very competitive, but very rewarding place to work. There are dozens of homeland security organizations located within the city limits, including the federal Department of Homeland Security regional office, the Homeland division of the Baltimore Police Department, the Center for Health and Homeland Security and a host of other homeland security employers.

Some of the homeland security jobs found in Baltimore include the following:

  • Undercover Operations Team Member
  • Surveillance Team Member
  • Wireless Communication Experts
  • Intelligence Analysts
  • Electronic Monitoring Specialists
  • Internet Detectives
  • Cyphers and Cryptologists
  • International Correspondents
  • Detectives
  • Foreign Bureau Agents
  • Intelligence Analysts

Homeland Security Degrees in Baltimore

There are many education options in Baltimore, as there are a plethora of universities in the area, as well as a variety of online schools to choose from. When applying for a homeland security position, one of the main requirements is an applicant must have a bachelor degree in a field closely related to homeland security or criminal justice. Degrees in the following fields can apply to the education requirement, and are offered through online and traditional schooling in the Baltimore area:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Homeland Security
  • Emergency Management
  • Business Administration
  • Law Enforcement
  • Public Administration
  • Legal Studies

Homeland Security Certification and Training

Another requirement for a homeland security position in Baltimore is training and certification. Training is typically offered through one of the many homeland security organizations in the area, as well as agencies like the American Red Cross. Once training is complete, a person will be awarded with professional or academic certification in the homeland security field.

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