Homeland Security Degrees and Certification in Minneapolis, Minnesota

The state of Minnesota does not tend to be on the top of foreign terrorist target lists, but there is always the lingering threat of domestic terrorism- which has had ties to the Minneapolis region. It is the responsibility of homeland security organizations in the area to monitor terrorist activity and address any concerns that pose a risk to the safety of the public. There have been many instances in and around the Minneapolis region tied to domestic terrorist plots through militias and other anti-government groups operating in the state. Along with terrorism, homeland security experts and professionals are also responsible for monitoring activity tied to drug trafficking, illegal immigration, human trafficking, gangs and organized crime rings.

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The main employer of homeland security professionals in the region is the Homeland Security Unit of the City of Minneapolis. The unit works with police departments, in a partnership with the United States Department of Homeland Security, in order to ensure public safety and emergency preparedness for citizens in the city. There is also a homeland security unit that operates at the St. Paul- Minneapolis International Airport.

Homeland Security Degrees in Minneapolis

A degree in a field of study closely related to homeland security is the main requirement during the initial application period. Closely related fields of study include the following:

  • Forensic Psychology and Criminal Investigation
  • Homeland Security Leadership and Policy
  • Human Services
  • Business
  • Terrorism, Mediation, and Peace
  • Criminal Justice
  • Law Enforcement

Pertinent degrees in these fields of study include:

  • Bachelor of Criminal Justice- Homeland Security and Emergency Management
  • Bachelor of Criminal Justice- Homeland Security Technology
  • Business Administration Emphasis in Pre-Law
  • Bachelor Degree of Science in Criminal Justice
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Criminal Justice

Homeland Security Training and Certification in Minneapolis

Depending on the position being sought within the homeland security sector, certification from a professional organization or an academic institute may be required. In most cases, completion of a training program will provide eligibility to be certified. Homeland security certifications can be in the following areas:

  • Hazardous materials
  • Emergency management and planning
  • Leadership and management
  • Terrorism
  • Mitigation
  • Leadership and executive management
  • Computer science
  • Forensics
  • Business administration
  • Homeland security policies and procedures

The length of training required in order to become certified depends on what is being learned, but for the most part training is completed within one year.

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