Homeland Security Degrees and Certification in California

There are many ways citizens can positively influence their local community, from being involved in community service projects to actively engaging in an election campaign. However many feel this level of civic involvement still isn’t enough, and are interested in making a career out of serving the country. Through the promotion of defense and terrorist interdiction, homeland security jobs in California include positions that contribute to the many aspects of national and state security.

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Having the Right Homeland Security Credentials in California

Having the right homeland security credentials in California really means having the certification that is right for the individual. Planning for a future career in the field can also mean identifying an attractive position and its requisite homeland security degree in California. This affords many choices, from an associate’s degree in Business to a D.B.A. in Homeland Security Leadership and Policy.

Because of the diversity of positions there are many homeland security degrees that can translate into a more competitive application or better opportunities for advancement and promotion. Some of these include:

  • A.A. Criminal Justice
  • B.S. Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement
  • B.A. Homeland Security
  • B.S. Human Services
  • M.S. Criminal Justice – Terrorism, Mediation, and Peace

Protecting California

One principal concern for the homeland security sector is terrorism, a phenomenon to which California is no stranger. New officials working to prevent this are motivated by everything from the pre-9/11 terror plot to blow up the Los Angeles airport to a recent federal case against four men accused of planning to help terrorists in Afghanistan kill Americans. Homeland security training in California aims to learn from past plots and attacks to prevent those of the future. Although apprehended before being able to execute his plot, the case of the would-be bomber of the LA airport highlights the fact that protecting the border is an important part of terrorism prevention in California and the greater United States.

By a recent count, there were over 2.5 million illegal immigrants in California. The fact that this many people were able to infiltrate the border security of the state demonstrates that a committed terrorist could do the same and engage in destructive activities on the Golden State’s soil. That is why many homeland security careers in California focus on terrorist threats posed through illegal immigration. For this reason, agencies such as ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement) serve to prioritize the detention and removal of illegal aliens and non-citizens who pose a threat to national security.

Recently members of the ICE task force based out of San Diego culminated an undercover operation by arresting a non-citizen and deporting him to his country of origin. The investigation uncovered a plot by the man to sell forbidden military airplane parts to Iran, violating provisions of the Iranian Transactions Regulations sanctions.