Homeland Security Degrees and Certification in San Diego, California

The San Diego Office of Homeland Security serves citizens of the second-largest city in California. In conjunction with the San Diego Law Enforcement Coordination Center and the San Diego Joint Terrorism Task Force, they have developed these eight signs of terrorism to keep the public aware:

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  • Surveillance – monitoring security and conducting reconnaissance of potential targets
  • Elicitation- trying to get information about a target’s security and operations
  • Testing security- checking to see how long it takes security to respond to trespassers, etc.
  • Funding – raising money in ways that might not draw attention, such as soliciting for an unknown charity or paying for a large transaction with gift cards or cash
  • Acquiring supplies-vehicles left in suspicious places, stockpiling of weapons or fertilizer, forged identification
  • Impersonation- wearing the uniform of law enforcement or emergency personnel without being such
  • Rehearsal- planning the terrorist operation, checking response time, using two-way radios
  • Deployment- putting plans into action, moving supplies and equipment

Along with an informed public, those holding homeland security jobs in San Diego help to combat terrorism and prevent any threat to the security of San Diego’s residents.

Homeland Security Education in San Diego, California

A certificate or degree at the undergraduate or graduate level is necessary for those wishing to begin a homeland security career in San Diego, California. There are many training and education programs specific to homeland security available in the San Diego area and online. They include:

  • Master of Science in Public Health – Specialization in Global Emergency Preparedness and Response
  • Master’s Degree in Homeland Security
  • Associate of Science in Criminal Justice
  • Master of Science in Management in Homeland Security
  • MBA in Homeland Security

Homeland Security Careers in San Diego, California

Careers in homeland security in San Diego may be started within governmental agencies, military departments, and private industry. Places in San Diego that employ persons who are properly trained and are seeking homeland security jobs include:

  • AHNTech, Inc. – This San Diego management consulting and technical services/operations contract company has one governmental client. Homeland security jobs here could include program director, electronic countermeasures trainer, software engineer and electronic interface/integration specialist.
  • Anonymizer, Inc. – This San Diego-based information technology company has one government client. Homeland security jobs here could include software developer, engineer and operations analyst.
  • Cubic Corporation – With headquarters in San Diego and 12 government clients, this defense and transportation services and systems company could offer homeland security jobs such as field technician, senior analyst and principal software engineer.
  • E.M. Norton Enterprises, Inc. – This information and weapons technology company in San Diego has two government clients. Potential homeland security jobs here could include systems engineer, program manager, information assurance, testing, and evaluation.
  • General Atomics Aeronautical Systems  With headquarters in San Diego, this design and development company has nine government clients. Homeland security jobs here could include project control analyst, mission systems engineer, government property administrator, and security support specialist.
  • Kratos Defense and Security Solutions, Inc. – Headquartered in San Diego and with 10 government clients, this company specializes in mission critical engineering and information technology. Potential homeland security jobs here could include information security engineer and intelligence analyst.

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