Homeland Security Degrees and Certification in San Francisco, California

The San Francisco Police Department takes homeland security seriously, evidenced by the fact that they have established a Homeland Security Unit within the department. Three divisions are within the Homeland Security Unit: Marine Unit, Tactical Company and Anti Terrorism/Planning/Support and Training Unit.

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With its location along California’s coast, maintaining the security of the city of San Francisco is critical to maintaining the security of the United States. Other agencies in San Francisco that deal with homeland security include the Federal Bureau of Investigations, United States Secret Service, San Francisco Fire Department Neighborhood Emergency Response Team, San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Emergency Services, American Red Cross-Bay Area, and the Building Owners and Managers Association of San Francisco.

Homeland Security Education and Degree Requirements in San Francisco

Certification and a degree are typically necessary to be eligible for a career in homeland security with the many departments that serve the greater San Francisco area. An undergraduate degree or graduate degree in a homeland security or a related field is the recognized standard for those interested in embarking upon a homeland security career in San Francisco.

Training programs and education in the San Francisco area and online include:

  • Diploma in Criminal Justice – Homeland Security
  • Associate of Science in Criminal Justice
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Emergency Response Management
  • Master of Science in Criminal Justice – Terrorism, Mediation and Peace

Homeland Security Employers in San Francisco’s Private Sector

While the military, law enforcement and government agencies provide possibilities for those seeking homeland security jobs in San Francisco, privately and publicly held corporations account for many of the homeland security career opportunities. Corporations that deal in top-secret work in San Francisco and that may hire for homeland security jobs include:

  • Autonomy – Established in San Francisco in 1996, this information technology company has one government client. Homeland security jobs here include Information Technology Specialist and Electronic Intelligence Analyst.
  • Blackstone Technology Group – Started in San Francisco in 1998, this intelligence analysis and information technology company has five government clients. Homeland security jobs here include Technical Recruiter, Project Architect and Trainer Manager.
  • Digital Realty Trust – Begun in 2004, this disaster preparedness company with one government client hires for homeland security jobs in San Francisco including Technical Specialist and Security Technical Project Manager.
  • Executive Direction – Established in 1979, this staffing and personnel company with one government client hires for homeland security jobs in San Francisco such as Information Technology Specialist and Electronic Monitoring Specialist.
  • Riverbed Technology – An information technology performance company established in San Francisco in 2002, Riverbed Technology has one governmental client. Homeland security jobs in San Francisco at this company include Security Manager, Vice President of IT Applications and Support Planning Manager.
  • URS Corporation – One of the United States’ largest engineering design services corporations, URS Corporation was started in San Francisco in 1957. Today it has 14 government clients and employs homeland security jobs like Senior Geologist and Project Engineer.

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