Homeland Security Degrees and Certification in Indiana

Homeland security officials in Indiana have their hands full balancing the latest intelligence on terror plots, drug and human trafficking, and other illegal activities that will either bring destruction of life and property to the state or harm its citizens’ right to liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Perhaps not as well known as the traditional terrorist threat, militias in Indiana have been a growing problem in recent years due to their accrual of illegal weapons and increasingly violent and apocalyptic beliefs. This threat comes in addition to others, to which homeland security officials must categorize and respond with all their available resources.

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Preparing for a Future in the Homeland Security Sector

Homeland security jobs in Indiana require recruits who are critical thinkers with an ideological desire to protect and defend the Hoosier State, as well as America as a whole. These are the principal qualities sought in a field that contains a wide diversity of employment options, with just as many homeland security degree options.

Some relevant homeland security degrees available in Indiana include:

  • AA or BA in Homeland Security
  • AA or Bachelor’s degree in Business
  • AA or BS in Criminal Justice
  • BS in Criminal Justice – Homeland Security
  • BS in Justice Studies
  • BS in Law Enforcement
  • DBA in Homeland Security Leadership and Policy

Homeland Security Professionals Bust Home-Grown Terror Plots in Indiana

Homeland security agencies recently conducted raids in Indiana focusing on a Christian militia anti-government extremist organization intent on waging war against the United States. Since the 2008 presidential elections the number of armed militias across America has tripled to 127 by a recent count. While there is nothing inherently illegal about an armed militia, veteran holders of homeland security careers in Indiana explained that this particular group was singled out because of their cache of weapons, some of which were illegal, and plans to use roadside bombs in attacks against law enforcement officials, who militia members saw as foot soldiers of the antichrist. Unfortunately this is not the only militia case in recent times.

A team of federal and local homeland security agents recently arrested an Indiana man living on secluded property in Carroll County on charges related to bomb making and firearms. Authorities were first tipped off to illegal activity when a local officer in the area heard what he thought to be gunfire and discovered 12 people shooting weapons and laughing in a barn near a room containing 16 marijuana plants. Upon further investigation, authorities discovered nearly 6,000 rounds of ammunition, explosive compounds that could be used to construct bombs, 25 firearms strewn about the premises- five of which violated regulations, and equipment that is suspected to have been stolen from the military. Homeland security officials also found propaganda related to the September 11th terrorist attacks. New homeland security training in Indiana includes threats posed by not only terrorist organizations but also militia groups.

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