Homeland Security Degrees and Certification in Indianapolis, Indiana

It is the responsibility of homeland security organizations in the area to deter terrorist activity, gang and organized crime in the metropolitan area of Indianapolis. Like many of the states located in the Midwest, international and foreign terrorist attacks are not very prevalent, but the specter of domestic terrorism is always a threat. Over the last five years there have been several documented homegrown terrorist plots (usually at the hands of militias in the rural areas outside of Indianapolis.)

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Homeland Security Organizations in Indianapolis

There is numerous homeland security providers located within the city limits of Indianapolis. These include the Indianapolis and Marion County Department of Homeland Security, the Indiana State Department of Homeland Security and the Indiana Homeland Security Foundation.

All of these homeland security organizations play a critical role in preparedness, and aim to keep the public informed during emergency situations and safe during times of emergency and duress.

Degrees, Training and Certification for Homeland Security in Indianapolis

The first step towards a career in homeland security typically involves having the proper education, training and certification in the field. Homeland security degrees offered in Indianapolis include the following:

  • Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice- Homeland Security and Emergency Management
  • Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice- Homeland Security Technology
  • Associate of Applied Business in Homeland Security
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration
  • Master’s of Science in Criminal Justice- Terrorism, Mediation and Peace

Also, in order to get an homeland security position, applicants must also have certification and training, including the following:

  • Two years of training experience in the Department of Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program
  • Emergency response training
  • Emergency Medical Service certification
  • Fire certification
  • Regulated Use Explosives training and certification
  • Public Safety Identification training and certification

Most of the training and certifications can be obtained in Indianapolis via the American Red Cross locations in the city and around the state. The amount and length of training differs from subject to subject.

Other Homeland Security Requirements

In addition to training, degrees and certification in homeland security, applicants are required to also meet the following requirements:

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Business administration experience
  • Outstanding organizational skills
  • Ability to interact with federal, regional, state, city and community groups in a professional and efficient manner
  • Proficiency in a variety of multimedia and computer tools
  • Report filing
  • Knowledge of military operations in preferred, but not required

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